5.26.13 Quick, Easy, Very Tasty Meal

This is one of our favorite quick meals.  Perfect for a Friday night while watching the game, or any time you need something quick, but good.

Brats, pepper jack cheese.  Spinach-artichoke dip from the freezer section of the store.  Crackers and some strawberries.

I usually get Johnsonville brats, but any brand will probably do.  Heat them in the skillet with a little water.  After they've heated through and through, let the water boil away and let the brats brown a little bit.

I buy the TGIFriday's spinach-artichoke dip from the freezer section.  Heat it in the microwave.  Buy your favorite crackers to scoop it up with.

Slice up the cheese, and add a strawberry or two to make the plate more colorful.

Quick, easy, and very flavorful.

And just for fun, you can make your cheese into a wheel.  Lol.


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