10.24.13 It's Salted Caramel Mocha time!!

Oh, how I love this time of year!  Cooler days, sweaters and boots, colorful leaves, yellow mums..... and salted caramel mocha fraps at Starbucks!!  ;)

I'm normally a hot mocha gal at Starbucks, but I am in love with this drink.  Getting that last salty sip at the bottom of the cup is pure heaven. 

When I came across caramel coffee creamer at Kroger, I thought it would be fun to create a hot version of this at home with my morning coffee.

Pure yummy!!!

Brewed my coffee, added the caramel creamer, topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup and sprinkled a little sea salt on top.  (you want to go light on the sea salt, a little goes a looooong way.... coarse crystals is what I had on hand, I'd recommend a finer grind of salt)

What a way to start a chilly fall morning!!

Do you have any favorite cold weather drink concoctions?