4.16.13 Loving this Spring!

I'm really enjoying spring this year.  I'm trying to soak in as many under-90-degrees days as I can before the broiling summer arrives here in Texas. 

We've lived in our home seven years, but we're just now getting around to decorating the outdoors.  I've taken advantage of every holiday and special occasion this year to ask for a tree or plant as a gift. So far we've planted two Bradford pear trees, two plum trees, three crape myrtles, four rosebushes, two flowering vines, a blackberry vine...and various flowers, herbs and vegetable plants. 
We bought the trees in early spring when they looked like bare giant sticks.  It has been so much fun to watch each teeny little bump on the limbs bud out and then burst into a fully formed leaf.

The blackberry vine has blooms all over, and I have a teeny little strawberry on one of my strawberry plants, plus numerous blooms.

As Phil from Duck Dynasty would say - that makes me happy, happy, happy!  :)

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