5.21.13 Work on Daughter's Room Continues

We've been working our little backsides off the past few days, and have accomplished quite a lot on my daughter's room. We've painted, moved furniture, scrubbed carpet, hung pictures.

And I'm TIRED.

We decided to go with the lighter color of paint.  Here it is in progress:

And completed:

As you can see, in spite of our careful taping, some blue got on the white trim.  Ugh!  I hate that!!  But we didn't have too many incidents like that fortunately.

My next project involves this quite ugly shelf.  I'm going to paint it white, and add some gingerbread trim on the top.  She'll put her tv on the top shelf, then she can use the bottom shelves to store dvds, books, etc.

I also bought a dresser and desk that need to be painted, so several more days of work ahead.

I'm looking forward to it. :)  I so enjoy creating a beautiful space.  

I will have many more details to share in the near future.  Stay tuned!

1 comment:

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